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INAZ Dezign is Sylvia "Ess McKee" Rivers

ess mckee

In 2005, INAZ Inc. was born. Initially developed as a clothing line, the company developed personalized apparel. Holding true to artistic and innovative design, the slogan: “Original concepts, personalized designs” became the framework from which INAZ operates. Although, INAZ graphic design services are geared toward small businesses and organizations, I am also capable, ready and willing to work on an individual level.

Since the age of eight, my love for creativity, music and the arts has inspired me to make my dream of becoming an innovative, artistic entrepreneur, a reality.

I discovered my passion by creating sketches for my classmates in middle school and designing t-shirts for different organizations. I decided to continue to develop my talents in college while attending Ball State University, (where I majored in Industry & Technology, and minored in Studio Art). In addition to pursing my education, I was given the opportunity to create several t-shirt designs for the members of the Ball State Track & Field Team.


Currently, I am a freelance artist, designer and photographer. I am also the Creative Director for the upcycle art team, R3CREATE (

I have participated in RAW Indianapolis, Oranje (with R3Create), and have featured at Studio B Creative Exchange and 5547 Project (with R3Create). 

Photo by Mallory Talty - Stereoscope Photography

for the Mosaic City "I Am An Artist" Project 2013

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